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Sabtu, 09 Maret 2024

Playing Ojol The Game for Beginners - A Comprehensive Guide

Ojol The Game has emerged as one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia, rivalling the existence of previously established titles such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile. Its simple gameplay and real-life connection to the world of online motorcycle taxis (ojek) have attracted a large audience. For those new to the game, Ojol The Game puts players in the shoes of an online motorcycle taxi driver.

Cara Main Ojol The Game Untuk Pemula yang Baru Download

The tasks are relatively straightforward: players accept orders, pick up passengers, and drop them off at their destinations. However, while the gameplay seems easy at first glance, there are nuances that beginners should pay attention to. If you're new to the game and finding it challenging, here's a beginner's guide to playing Ojol The Game.

Understanding Performance

Performance is measured daily to evaluate how well players are performing their tasks. It takes into account the number of orders rejected or canceled. To qualify for incentives, players must maintain a performance percentage of over 80%.

Understanding Points

Points serve as another benchmark for earning incentives. Players receive points upon successfully completing orders. The number of points earned depends on how well players drive, so avoid frequent collisions with other vehicles.

Resting Mechanism

Resting is a vital activity in the game, allowing players to replenish their energy for continued activities. To rest in Ojol The Game, simply return home, go to the bedroom, and click on the rest option.


Fuel management is crucial in the game. Running out of fuel means players cannot use their vehicles. To refuel, visit a gas station. The game provides directional indicators to guide players to the nearest station. Simply click on the small arrow at the top of the screen and select the gas station option.

Energy Management

Replenishing energy in Ojol The Game is relatively easy. Apart from resting at home, players can also visit designated resting spots provided by the developers. During gameplay, click on the arrow icon at the top of the screen and select the rest option represented by a lightning bolt symbol.

Equipment Purchase

While players start the game with basic equipment such as a phone, helmet, jacket, and motorcycle, they can purchase additional items. Access the inventory menu in the lobby to replace or upgrade equipment. Remember, additional items must be bought using in-game currency.

Obtaining Energy, Fuel, and Coins for Free

There are alternative methods to acquire energy, fuel, and coins for free. Click on the birthday gift icon located on the right side of the screen. If you have a redemption code, enter it in the provided column and claim your rewards. Additionally, players can watch ads from the same menu to receive free energy, fuel, and coins.

By familiarizing yourself with these fundamental aspects of Ojol The Game, you can navigate the gameplay more effectively as a beginner. Keep practicing, and soon you'll become a proficient virtual ojek driver!

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