Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
    Media Belajar membuat Software Aplikasi, Website, Game, & Multimedia untuk Pemula...

Dapatkan informasi seputar Loker terbaru di bidang IT bulan juni tahun 2023 untuk posisi profesional IT seperti Programmer, Software Engineer, QA, Desainer Web/UX/Grafis, Spesialis SEO, Animator, dan sebagainya bersama Purwana Networks.

Tutorial Membuat Halaman Website

Pelajari Panduan Membuat Halaman Website dengan html, css, javascript, php, jquery, dan sebagainya.

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Software Engineering

  • Software Engineer : Discover the world of Software Engineering and its key aspects for a deeper understanding.

  • Software Engineer FM Course : Discover the essential foundations of software engineering with our Software Engineer Fundamental Mini Course.

  • What is Software Engineering : Unlocking the Power of Software: Exploring the Field of Software Engineering.

  • Unity Software: Learn more about various software engines to increase your application or game development productivity.

Selasa, 20 Februari 2024

Human Errors Part 2: Catastrophes Born of Misjudgment and Miscommunication

The following essay discusses some of the worst disasters caused by human error in calculation and communication, resulting in significant l...

Human Errors: Catastrophes Born of Misjudgment and Miscommunication

In the annals of history, there exist stark reminders of humanity's fallibility, instances where miscalculations and miscommunications h...

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Unveiled: A Tempting Glimpse and Full Speculation Sparking Desire

As the anticipation mounts for its imminent release on February 25th, the leaks and rumors surrounding the Xiaomi 14 Ultra only intensify, o...

Senin, 19 Februari 2024

Unveiling the Veil: 7 Ways to Detect AI-Generated Fake Faces

In this digital age, the advancements in technology have paved the way for artificial intelligence (AI) to craft remarkably realistic human ...

The Impending Disruption: Sam Altman Warns of AI's Potential to Disrupt Social Systems

In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked both fascination and concern among scholars, technologists, and societ...

The Fascinating Facts of Aircraft White Vapor Trails

Have you ever looked up at the sky and witnessed the white vapor trails left behind by airplanes? There are astonishing facts behind those t...

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