Super Mario Maker 2 Lets Players Create and Share Their Own Unique Levels - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Kamis, 25 Mei 2023

Super Mario Maker 2 Lets Players Create and Share Their Own Unique Levels

The latest instalment in the world-renowned Super Mario Series, Super Mario Maker 2 is a platform game released on June 28, 2019, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Following in the footsteps of its 2014 predecessor, Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM2) allows players a greater amount of control and creativity by allowing them to build and share their own unique levels based on four different classic Mario styles.

The core experience of SMM2 is built around the all-new Course Maker. Here, players can design levels and play through them just like in any other Mario game. However, the real fun comes from all the different customization options available. With everything from the placement of enemies and blocks, to fire and water levels, stereo and wind effects, and even building your own original levels, there are no limits to the creativity you can use to make your levels unique from the others.

This creativity extends to the game’s overall presentation as well. SMM2 allows players to customize the appearance of their levels with new themes, backgrounds, text fonts, and music. In addition, the game features a range of unique visual effects to bring the levels to life. As players customize, they can also unlock special bits of presentation to make their levels even more distinctive.

Unlike its predecessor, SMM2 also includes an online mode. Here, players can upload and share their creations with others around the world. Popular levels from the community can also be accessed and played online. If a certain level proves difficult, you can also search for helpful hints from other players.

The level sharing doesn’t stop there, as SMM2 also includes a local multiplayer mode. With this feature, players can send custom levels to their friends wirelessly, and even battle each other in split screen mode.

Finally, the game also comes with a Story Mode. Here, players follow Princess Peach and Toad as they work to repair the castle with the help of two assistive characters. As you progress through the levels, the castle is slowly rebuilt, and you even get to explore five worlds filled with hazards and collectibles to help you reach the final level.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game all about creativity and innovation. It’s easy to pick up and play and provides a unique and varied experience every time you boot it up. With an engaging Story Mode, online- and local-multiplayer, and the ability to share levels with the world, SMM2 has it all and more. It’s the perfect choice for creative players and Mario fans alike.

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