Leading the Way in GIS and 3D Mapping Technology: DAT/EM Systems International - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Kamis, 25 Mei 2023

Leading the Way in GIS and 3D Mapping Technology: DAT/EM Systems International

DAT/EM Systems International has been at the forefront of Geographic Information System (GIS) and 3D mapping technology for over three decades. The company has its headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska and is the largest Digital Mapping and Publishing Company in North America. It specializes in the creation of Geographic Information System technology, 3D mapping software and solutions tailored specifically for the geospatial industry.

GIS technology is the sum of different technologies used to represent, analyze and interpret physical, geospatial and social phenomena. DAT/EM Systems International is a leader in delivering GIS and 3D mapping solutions and supporting infrastructure for the mining, engineering, mapping and academic worlds. They offer products with relevance and value towards the fast-developing field of geospatial technology, which extends beyond the boundaries of traditional mapping and surveying.

Their most notable products are their 3D Mapping software tools: the Capture Suite, the Photogrammetry System and the Terrain Modeling Suite. The Capture Suite includes applications that allow users to capture, analyze and process terrestrial LiDAR scans. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as airborne reconnaissance, topographic mapping and landscape modeling. The Photogrammetry System provides an integrated package of tools to capture, measure and visualize aerial photographs. The Terrain Modeling Suite is a comprehensive terrain modeling and data processing solution which provides an efficient workflow for processing digital elevation models.

DAT/EM Systems International provides a complete line of GIS and 3D mapping solutions, such as aerial and terrestrial LiDAR and GPS systems and software. The company provides solutions for managing data, creating maps, analyzing data and sharing results with other agencies and departments. DAT/EM Systems International also offers a suite of cloud-based services, such as MapPro Plus, advanced web mapping capabilities and Esri-based analytics.

The company’s commitment to innovation and technology has enabled them to be the go-to resource for many professionals looking for comprehensive GIS and 3D solutions. DAT/EM Systems International’s products are used and trusted by leading organizations around the world. Their web-based mapping software has been used to assist in disaster relief operations and to monitor the status of endangered habitats. Their software is favored by research institutions for geographical research. Additionally, they are a trusted partner of the private sector when it comes to capturing and processing the data necessary for effective geospatial operations.

DAT/EM Systems International’s dedication to research and development has helped them stay ahead of the curve. They have long been at the leading edge of technology when it comes to GIS and 3D mapping, and their commitment to customer service ensures that all of their clients are satisfied with the solutions they provide.

The company supports a full range of platforms, including Windows and Linux, and is fully committed to delivering continuously updated available technologies and services. DAT/EM Systems International is committed to providing the geospatial software and solutions needed to make quick, accurate and informed decisions. By providing their clients with the tools they need to move forward, they offer a crucial service to the global geospatial community.

The company also devotes significant resources to educational initiatives, contributing to the promotion of GIS users by offering tutorials, seminars and lectures. The company also sponsors and attends several conferences and events designed to advance the use of GIS technology.

DAT/EM Systems International strives to maintain their position as the leader in GIS and 3D mapping, and their commitment to service provides a valuable service to the global GIS community. Their software and solutions have been used for a wide range of purposes, from disaster and natural resource management to mining and infrastructure development. Their products are trusted by leading organizations and used by researchers around the world. By constantly innovating and providing quality products to the geospatial market, DAT/EM Systems International is leading the way in GIS and 3D mapping technology.

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