Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
    Media Belajar membuat Software Aplikasi, Website, Game, & Multimedia untuk Pemula...

Dapatkan informasi seputar Loker terbaru di bidang IT bulan juni tahun 2023 untuk posisi profesional IT seperti Programmer, Software Engineer, QA, Desainer Web/UX/Grafis, Spesialis SEO, Animator, dan sebagainya bersama Purwana Networks.

Tutorial Membuat Halaman Website

Pelajari Panduan Membuat Halaman Website dengan html, css, javascript, php, jquery, dan sebagainya.

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Software Engineering

  • Software Engineer : Discover the world of Software Engineering and its key aspects for a deeper understanding.

  • Software Engineer FM Course : Discover the essential foundations of software engineering with our Software Engineer Fundamental Mini Course.

  • What is Software Engineering : Unlocking the Power of Software: Exploring the Field of Software Engineering.

  • Unity Software: Learn more about various software engines to increase your application or game development productivity.

Sabtu, 24 Februari 2024

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