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Rabu, 26 Juni 2024

Euro 2024: Real-Time Group Standings and Complete Knockout Stage Schedule

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is well underway, captivating football fans worldwide with thrilling matches and standout performances. As the group stage concludes, anticipation builds for the knockout rounds where the top teams will vie for the championship. This essay provides a comprehensive overview of the current standings and the knockout stage schedule, offering insights into the teams' performances and their prospects as they advance in the tournament.

Euro 2024: Real-Time Group Standings and Complete Knockout Stage Schedule -

Group Stage Overview

The group stage of Euro 2024 featured 24 teams divided into six groups (A to F), each consisting of four teams. The teams played three matches within their groups, and the top two teams from each group, along with the four highest-ranked third-place teams, advanced to the knockout stage. Here’s a detailed look at the standings:

Group A

Germany – 7 points: Germany showcased their dominance in Group A, securing two wins and a draw. Their strong offensive and defensive strategies have positioned them as a formidable contender moving forward.

Switzerland – 5 points: Switzerland’s consistent performance, with one win and two draws, ensured their advancement. Their balanced gameplay has been crucial in navigating the group stage.

Hungary – 3 points: Hungary, with one win and two losses, remains in contention for a knockout stage spot based on their ranking among the third-place teams.

Scotland – 1 point: Scotland’s Euro 2024 journey ended in the group stage, with one draw and two losses eliminating them from further competition. Significant Events in History: June 26

Group B

Spain – 9 points: Spain emerged as a powerhouse in Group B, winning all three matches. Their tactical prowess and skilled roster make them a top favorite in the tournament.

Italy – 4 points: The defending champions had a mixed group stage with one win, one draw, and one loss. Despite this, their experience and resilience secured them a spot in the knockout stage.

Croatia – 3 points: Croatia, like Hungary, hopes to advance based on their third-place ranking after a win, a draw, and a loss.

Albania – 1 point: Albania’s single point from a draw was insufficient for advancement, marking the end of their campaign.

Group C

England – 5 points: England topped Group C with one win and two draws. Their solid defense and strategic plays have set a strong foundation for the knockout rounds.

Denmark – 3 points: Denmark advanced due to their disciplined gameplay and fair conduct, winning the tiebreaker against Slovenia based on fewer yellow cards.

Slovenia – 3 points: Slovenia’s equal points with Denmark and their qualification as a third-place team underscore their competitive spirit.

Serbia – 2 points: Serbia’s campaign concluded with two draws and a loss, insufficient for progression.

Group D

Austria – 6 points: Austria’s two wins and one loss highlighted their strengths in Group D, earning them the top spot.

France – 5 points: France’s unbeaten record, with one win and two draws, reflects their consistent form and strategic depth.

Netherlands – 4 points: The Netherlands’ strong performances ensured their progression with a win, a draw, and a loss.

Poland – 1 point: Poland’s single draw resulted in their elimination from the tournament.

Group E (Ongoing)

Romania – 3 points, +1 GD: Romania’s performance in the initial matches puts them in a promising position.

Belgium – 3 points, +1 GD: Belgium’s equal points and goal difference with Romania make their final group match crucial.

Slovakia – 3 points, 0 GD: Slovakia’s balanced goal difference keeps their hopes alive.

Ukraine – 3 points, -2 GD: Ukraine’s negative goal difference adds pressure for their final match.

Group F (Ongoing)

Portugal – 6 points: Portugal’s two wins showcase their dominance in the group.

Turkey – 3 points: Turkey’s performance keeps them in contention for progression.

Czech Republic – 1 point: The Czech Republic needs a win in their final match to advance.

Georgia – 1 point: Georgia’s chances depend on a strong final match performance.

Knockout Stage Schedule

With the group stage concluding, the knockout stage promises intense matches as teams battle for the championship. Here’s the detailed schedule:

Round of 16

June 29

Switzerland vs. Italy (Match 38): The defending champions face a resilient Swiss team.

Germany vs. Denmark (Match 37): A classic showdown between two strong European sides.

June 30

England vs. 3rd place from Group D/E (Match 40): England prepares to face a third-place qualifier.

Spain vs. 3rd place from Group E/F (Match 39): Spain takes on another third-place team.

July 1

France vs. Group E runner-up (Match 42): France meets the second-best team from Group E.

Portugal vs. 3rd place from Group A/C (Match 41): Portugal faces a third-place team.

July 2

Group E winner vs. 3rd place from group C/D (Match 43): The top team from Group E competes with a third-place qualifier.

Austria vs. Group F runner-up (Match 44): Austria encounters the second-best team from Group F.


July 5

Germany/Denmark vs. Match 39 winner (Match 45): The winners from these matches clash.

Match 41 winner vs. Match 42 winner (Match 46): A crucial battle between these victors.

July 6

Switzerland/Italy vs. Match 40 winner (Match 48): The defending champions or Switzerland face their next challenge.

Match 43 winner vs. Match 44 winner (Match 47): Another key quarterfinal match.


July 9

Match 45 winner vs. Match 46 winner: A high-stakes semifinal clash.

July 10

Match 47 winner vs. Match 48 winner: The final step before the championship match.


July 14

Semifinal winners: The two best teams compete for the Euro 2024 title in Berlin.

Euro 2024 has already delivered unforgettable moments, and as the tournament progresses to the knockout stage, the excitement only intensifies. With powerhouse teams like Spain, Germany, and France advancing, and underdogs like Slovenia and Denmark making their mark, fans can expect high-quality football and dramatic encounters. The knockout stage will undoubtedly showcase the best of European football, culminating in a thrilling final in Berlin. Whether defending champions Italy can retain their title or a new champion will emerge, Euro 2024 promises to be a memorable tournament for players and fans alike.

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