The Spectacle of Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring Day 2: A Thrilling Display Captivates Thousands of Fans - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Minggu, 03 Maret 2024

The Spectacle of Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring Day 2: A Thrilling Display Captivates Thousands of Fans

The second day of the Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring tournament kicked off amidst a fervent crowd of spectators, painting a vibrant scene at the Surabaya Convention Center. With over 1,000 eager fans flocking to witness the action, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and excitement.

Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring Day 2 Dimulai, Rame Banget yang Nonton

Christiandy Fransiscus, Game Producer of Free Fire Garena Indonesia, remarked on the overwhelming turnout, stating, "By around 5 p.m. today, there were already more than 1,000 spectators who had come to watch Day 2 of Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring at SCC, Surabaya. We expect the number of spectators to continue to grow until tonight."

Hosted at the Surabaya Convention Center, Pakuwon Trade Center, Surabaya, the event commenced at 4:00 PM local time. Twelve teams took to the battlefield, vying for crucial headstart points that would determine their positions in the grand final the following day.

The competing teams included RRQ Kazu, Bigetron Delta, Morph Team, Onic Olympus, Evos Divine, Indostars, Tigerwong Esports, MBR Epsilon, Dewa United Esports, Thorrad, Semangat Oke, and Genesis Dogma SF.

These teams had advanced to the final phase after securing their positions in the top 12, as Garena Indonesia allocated only 12 slots in the current phase.

With this, six teams at the bottom were eliminated from further contention. The eliminated teams included Kagendra, Satu Esports, Team Vagos, Kraken Esports, Scfpalingspan, and JS Luxs.

Observing the competition live, the performances of all participants in the Point Rush round were truly captivating. Each team's duel stirred the excitement of the spectators, creating a vibrant atmosphere that echoed with cheers and shouts.

The intensity heightened as each battle approached its conclusion, especially when one of the crowd's favorite teams managed to defeat their opponent.

Thus far, the excitement of the Point Rush FFWS ID 2024 Spring round has culminated in the completion of the second game. Tiger Wong Esports secured the Booyah in the first game, Evos Divine clinched it in the second, and Thorrad claimed victory in the third. what is differenet between vs setup?

Meanwhile, RRQ Kazu maintained their dominant position from the first day's Point Rush, but the question remains: can they sustain their prowess until the grand final?

In addition to watching live on-site for free, Free Fire enthusiasts can also tune in to the online broadcast via the FF Esports ID YouTube channel.

This event is supported by Dunia Games and BEAR BRAND. Make sure to stay tuned for further updates!

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