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Sabtu, 09 Maret 2024

Seamless Gaming Experience with Telkomsel's GamesMAX Booster

where every millisecond counts and smooth gameplay reigns supreme, Telkomsel, Indonesia's leading mobile operator, emerges as the harbinger of uninterrupted gaming joy. With the launch of GamesMAX Booster, Telkomsel promises an end to the dreaded lag that plagues many gamers' experiences, offering a tailored solution to elevate your gaming escapades to new heights.

Telkomsel Rilis Paket GamesMAX Booster, Main Game Dijamin Tanpa Nge-lag

In a bustling press event held in Jakarta, Vice President of Brand & Marketing Communications at Telkomsel, Abdullah Fahmi, unveiled the much-anticipated GamesMAX Booster package. "Telkomsel aims to immerse gamers in seamless and comfortable gaming experiences through the GamesMAX Booster package, backed by Telkomsel's cutting-edge broadband network capabilities," expressed Fahmi, embodying Telkomsel's commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction.

At its core, GamesMAX Booster is a fusion of regular data quotas and dedicated gaming data, finely tuned to obliterate network latency and deliver unparalleled mobile gaming immersion. Auliya I Fadli, General Manager of Games and Apps at Telkomsel, shed light on the booster's mechanics, emphasizing its role in accelerating gameplay and improving latency. "If your game is lagging, just activate the booster package, and watch your gaming experience soar," remarked Fadli, encapsulating the essence of Telkomsel's innovation.

Drawing from extensive experiments conducted across various locales, Telkomsel asserts that GamesMAX Booster can amplify gaming performance by up to 25%, contingent upon prevailing network conditions. Whether navigating congested urban hubs or traversing serene countryside vistas, GamesMAX Booster ensures a consistently smooth gaming experience tailored to each user's unique environment.

However, GamesMAX Booster transcends mere gaming indulgence. Beyond its prowess in banishing lag, the package empowers users to indulge in diverse online activities with blazing-fast speeds. From streaming high-definition content to seamless app downloads and updates via the Google Play Store, GamesMAX Booster unlocks a realm of digital possibilities, elevating your mobile experience beyond the confines of gaming.

For the discerning gamer seeking the ultimate gaming companion, Telkomsel presents a trio of tantalizing packages:

GamesMAX Booster Silver

Regular Quota: 1.5 GB

Gaming Quota: 10 GB

DG Rings: 10,000

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rp 25,000

GamesMAX Booster Gold

Regular Quota: 3.5 GB

Gaming Quota: 20 GB

DG Rings: 25,000

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rp 50,000

GamesMAX Booster Diamond

Regular Quota: 6 GB

Gaming Quota: 30 GB

DG Rings: 30,000

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rp 75,000

In addition to the gaming bonanza, Telkomsel sweetens the deal with DG Rings vouchers, redeemable for an array of coveted in-game items across the vast expanse of Dunia Games with software engeneer.

Embark on a journey where lag is but a distant memory, and gaming prowess knows no bounds. With Telkomsel's GamesMAX Booster, the future of mobile gaming is now, and it's smoother than ever before.

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