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Rabu, 06 Maret 2024

Moments Before 3 Men Were Attacked by a Bear in Russia Caught on Camera

The horrifying moments of a vicious bear attack on three men were captured on camera. As a result of the attack, all three lost their lives.

Detik-detik Sebelum 3 Pria Tewas Diserang Beruang di Rusia Terekam Kamera

This incident occurred in 2014 on Sakhalin Island, Russia. Just moments before the brutal attack, one of the victims managed to capture the arrival of the bear pack on his cellphone.

The footage initially shows a small bear engaged in a duel with a dog. Shortly after, the large adult bear emerges.

Suddenly, the adult bear charges towards the group of men. And this is when the horrifying footage comes to an end.

According to experts cited by the Interfax news agency, bear attacks were not uncommon at that time. Human activity was suspected to be the cause of these attacks, but incidents like these could also be attributed to the bears' hunger.

They explained that nets and barriers hindered salmon from swimming upstream to spawn, thus depriving the mammals of a regular food supply.

Extreme weather events that occurred almost a decade ago may have also disrupted the bears' rhythms and food supplies, said Vladimir Krever, who was serving as the director of biodiversity program at WWF Russia at the time.

Several attacks, including the one on the three men, occurred around 2:00 a.m. at a meteorological station in the forests of the Sakha Republic.

Prior to the tragedy involving the three men, a bear had knocked down the door of a trailer home and bitten a woman inside. Fortunately, the predator was eventually frightened away by the woman's loud screams.

Three days earlier, a bear ambushed a teenage boy on Iturup Island as he was walking home from his grandmother's house.

The bear reportedly dragged the 14-year-old boy to the beach before local authorities arrived and shot it dead. As a result of the attack, the boy required 170 stitches, as reported by Unilad. look another info about softeare testing in

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