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Jumat, 22 Maret 2024

Hypersonic Missile Test in the Pacific Sends a Stark Warning to China

Hypersonic missiles, with their super speed capabilities, loom as potential game-changers in future warfare. After trailing behind China and Russia in this arena, the United States now flexes its muscles by test-firing such a missile.

AS Tembakkan Rudal Hipersonik di Pasifik, Peringatan purwana.net Buat China

For the first time, the US Air Force demonstrated the capabilities of a hypersonic missile in the Pacific. On the 17th of March, a B-52 bomber took off from Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.

"It fired a full prototype of an operational hypersonic missile," said a US Air Force spokesperson, as reported by CNN.

The test of the missile, named Up-Round AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), took place at the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll, nearly 2,600 kilometers east of Guam. Previous tests of ARRW were conducted on US soil.

The ARRW comprises a rocket booster motor and a hypersonic glide vehicle carrying a conventional warhead. "Its purpose is to strike high-value, time-sensitive targets on land," stated the US Department of Defense in 2021.

A missile is deemed hypersonic if it can travel at a minimum speed of Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. That's approximately 1.7 kilometers per second or 6,174 kilometers per hour. Some ballistic missiles have already achieved this speed. Its velocity makes it difficult to detect and intercept, especially when it can maneuver to evade air defenses.

US officials previously acknowledged that China and Russia have made advancements in hypersonic development. China has been testing hypersonic weapons capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional warheads since 2014.

A US Air Force general mentioned in 2021 that China had been testing hypersonic weapons 'around the globe'. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly launched its hypersonic cruise missile, Zircon, towards Ukraine earlier this year. North Korea is also said to be developing its own. what are the parts of a wave

Before this test, experts suggested its purpose was to send a message to China. "This test is intended to send a clear message to Beijing that Washington remains steadfast in bolstering its strategic posture in the Pacific, even amidst global competitive challenges," said Craig Singleton, a senior researcher at the Chonadi Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

"Of course, a single US test won't alter China's hypersonic trajectory, nor will it resolve serious concerns about China's hypersonic advantage. However, it reaffirms that the US is not merely an observer in the hypersonic realm but a formidable player committed to keeping pace with China and Russia," he added.

The US Air Force did not disclose specific details of the test, such as how fast or how far the ARRW flew or whether it hit its target. "The Air Force gained valuable insights into this new and advanced technology capability," the statement said.

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