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Senin, 18 Maret 2024

Elon Musk's Encounter with Truth Social: A Tale of Offers and Tweets

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, a curious encounter emerged between two titans of modern times: Elon Musk and Donald Trump. The narrative unfolds with Trump extending an offer to Musk, inviting him into the realm of Truth Social, a platform conceived in the aftermath of Trump's Twitter exile.

Elon Musk Pernah Ditawari Donald Trump Beli Medsos Truth Social purwana.net

As reported by The Washington Post in the summer of 2023, Trump approached Musk with an intriguing proposal: the acquisition of Truth Social. This social media contender had only recently debuted in 2022, making Trump's pitch a swift maneuver in the digital arena.

However, the timing of Trump's offer was amidst turbulence within Truth Social. Departures of key personnel, notably the Head of Engineering Alex Gleason, and hurdles in the merger process cast shadows over the platform's prospects.

Musk's response to Trump's proposition remains shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, Truth Social remains under the ownership of Trump Media & Technology Group, indicating a possible refusal on Musk's part.

Prior to this offer, Musk had openly ridiculed Truth Social. In a Twitter jab in 2022, the Tesla CEO disparaged the platform's name, suggesting it was time for Trump to retire his digital ambitions.

Trump, undeterred, retaliated on Truth Social, posting a picture of their White House meeting. He urged Musk to focus on Twitter, dismissing its significance.

When approached for comment by The Washington Post, Musk deflected inquiries, merely stating he had never visited Mar-a-Lago, Trump's Florida estate. Trump Media offered no clear response either.

"We heard Trump and Musk were actually discussing the purchase of The Washington Post, but they decided it was worthless," said Trump Media spokesperson Shannon Devine, as quoted by Futurism on Tuesday (19/3/2024).

This revelation about Truth Social's potential sale follows a New York Times report indicating Musk and other Republican donors visited Trump in Florida to discuss campaign donations for the presidential race.

The topics of their meeting remain undisclosed, yet Musk asserted on Twitter that he hadn't contributed to either presidential candidate's campaign. live count pemily

In the intricate web of politics and technology, Musk's dance with Truth Social offers a glimpse into the dynamics of power and influence, where digital platforms become battlegrounds for shaping public discourse. As the saga continues, one can only wonder what the future holds for these modern-day moguls and their digital ambitions.

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