Elon Musk Claims AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence, Meta's CEO Disagrees - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Sabtu, 23 Maret 2024

Elon Musk Claims AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence, Meta's CEO Disagrees

In the realm of futuristic foresight, the clash of intellects often shapes the narrative of technological advancement. Recently, Elon Musk stirred the waters of anticipation by predicting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would soon outmatch the cognitive prowess of all humanity combined. However, amidst the echoes of Musk's proclamation, not all voices harmonized in agreement with the SpaceX and Tesla magnate.

Elon Musk Klaim AI Akan Salip Kecerdasan Manusia, Bos Meta Bantah purwana.net

"In 2029, AI could potentially surpass the collective intelligence of all humans," tweeted Elon, who has frequently sounded alarms about the perils of AI technological progress.

Yet, Yann Lecun, the esteemed AI luminary and CEO of Meta, chose to diverge from Musk's vision. Often dubbed the Godfather of AI, Lecun asserted that the capabilities of AI still linger far beneath the zenith of human intellect.

"No. If that were true (Elon Musk's prediction), we would have AI systems capable of learning to drive a car in just 20 hours of training, akin to a 17-year-old teenager," he articulated on X platform.

"So far, we still lack fully autonomous vehicles, self-driving systems that can be entirely relied upon, even after being fed millions of hours of training data," he expounded, as reported by detikINET from Business Insider on Saturday (23/3/2024).

The scientist had previously articulated various arguments asserting that AI, in reality, hasn't achieved remarkable levels of intelligence. "We are still far from the level of human intelligence. You could use it to instruct how to make chemical or biological weapons. But it would be wrong," he remarked.

Presently, according to him, the computational power of AI might be equivalent to that of a cat's brain. However, even that comparison places the feline intellect above AI.

"Why isn't the system as smart as a cat yet? A cat can remember, comprehend the physical world, strategize complex actions, and is, in essence, far superior to large language models," he elucidated.

In this clash of visions, the trajectory of AI's evolution hangs in the balance, oscillating between the projections of visionaries like Elon Musk and the pragmatic insights of leaders like Yann Lecun. As the AI saga unfolds, humanity eagerly awaits the verdict of progress, poised on the precipice of technological transformation. play with xhr.onload

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