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Sabtu, 24 Februari 2024

The Saga of Geng Tai and Legolas Rompies: A Social Media Phenomenon

In the bustling realm of social media, formerly known as Twitter, a whirlwind of commotion ensued, echoing the exploits of a group of teenage miscreants. The names 'Geng Tai' and the offspring of Vincent Rompies emerged as prominent figures, swiftly becoming the focal point of discussions across the digital landscape.

Heboh Kelakuan Geng Tai dan Anak Vincent Rompies di Lini Masa

Legolas Rompies, scion of Vincent Rompies, found himself embroiled in allegations of bullying alongside the notorious Geng Tai. This group, it is revealed, comprises students of Binus School Serpong, situated in the suburban expanse of Tangerang Selatan.

Together, they orchestrated acts of torment upon their juniors, leaving behind bruised bodies and seared souls in their wake. The police confirm that the victims are currently under medical care, nursing wounds inflicted by the brutality of their seniors.

The revelation ignited a blaze of fury among netizens. As per the observations of detikINET, discussions revolving around "Vincent," "Geng Tai," and "Legolas" dominated the online sphere up until this Monday evening (February 19, 2024). Citizens of the digital realm condemned the acts of bullying vehemently. Vincent found himself occupying the top spot in the trending topics of X.

"It's ironic how Mr. Vincent detests bullying, yet his own child is implicated in such despicable acts, perhaps influenced by misguided companionship," expressed one netizen. Another wrote, "Let us demand a public apology video from Mr. Vincent Vindes to the community, and the parents of Geng Tai, along with evidence of accountability towards the victims and their families."

Statement from Binus Serpong

Binus School Serpong is actively investigating the case of bullying perpetrated against one of its students allegedly by their senior counterparts, who form a school clique. Binus affirms the involvement of the celebrity offspring, Vincent Rompies, in this distressing incident.

"Yes, (Vincent Rompies' child is involved)," stated Corporate PR of Binus University, Haris Suhendra, in his declaration on Monday (February 19, 2024).

Haris emphasized the school's commitment to addressing the issue, mentioning that they have summoned the students suspected of involvement. He further iterated that any sanctions imposed would adhere to the established regulations.

"Thus far, the school has taken proactive measures in handling the situation, and it remains our top priority. We have summoned those involved, and the process is ongoing. The sanctions will be in accordance with the school's regulations," he affirmed.

Condition of the Victim

Alvino Cahyadi, the Head of Criminal Investigation at the South Tangerang Metro Police Department, confirmed that they have assessed the condition of the victim, who is currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital. The victim has sustained various injuries due to the bullying ordeal.

"Yes, there are injuries. However, the specifics of these injuries await confirmation from the medical professionals," conveyed Alvino Cahyadi when contacted on Monday (February 19).

Alvino stated that the victim is still undergoing treatment at the hospital, while the police continue to delve into the intricacies of the case.

"We are actively pursuing this matter; our investigators have visited the hospital to obtain clarifications from the victim and to inspect the crime scene. The legal process is underway," he affirmed.

This saga, unfolding across the digital landscape and real-world corridors, serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of bullying and the imperative need for swift and decisive action to safeguard the well-being of our youth.

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