Onic Esports Unveils MPL ID S13 Roster: Continuity with Kairi and Sanz - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Selasa, 27 Februari 2024

Onic Esports Unveils MPL ID S13 Roster: Continuity with Kairi and Sanz

In the realm of competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Onic Esports stands as a formidable force, boasting a roster rich with talent and experience. As the anticipation for MPL ID Season 13 reaches its peak, the announcement of Onic's lineup has sent shockwaves through the esports community. Despite the departure of Drian, the stalwarts Kairi and Sanz remain at the helm, ready to lead their team to glory once again.

Roster Onic Esports di MPL ID S13 Masih dengan Kairi dan Sanz purwana.net

The unveiling of Onic's roster for MPL ID S13 reaffirms their commitment to excellence, showcasing a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging stars. Spearheading the lineup is M Satrya Sanubari, better known as Butsss, whose strategic prowess and mechanical skill have earned him a revered status in the competitive scene. Alongside him, Kairi Rayosdelsol, affectionately known as Kairi, brings his unrivaled agility and game sense to the fray, serving as the team's backbone in crucial moments.

Joining them is Gilang, or Sanz, whose versatility and adaptability make him a formidable threat on any hero. Together, this trio forms the nucleus of Onic's lineup, embodying the team's relentless pursuit of victory. Supporting them are Calvin Winata (CW), Nicky Fernando (Kiboy), Albert Neilsen Iskandar (Alberttt), and Adi Sofiyan Asyauri (Adi), each bringing their own unique strengths and playstyles to the table.

Behind the scenes, Denver Miranda, affectionately known as Coach Yeb, provides invaluable guidance and mentorship, ensuring that Onic remains finely tuned and strategically astute. With their collective expertise and unwavering determination, Onic Esports is poised to leave an indelible mark on MPL ID S13.

As the countdown to the tournament commences, fans eagerly await Onic's debut on the MPL stage. Their first matchup against Geek Fam promises to be a thrilling spectacle, as two titans clash in a battle for supremacy. With the stakes higher than ever, Onic's journey towards championship glory begins here.

As the curtain rises on MPL ID S13, Onic Esports stands ready to etch their names into the annals of esports history. With Kairi and Sanz leading the charge, backed by a roster of exceptional talent, anything is possible for this illustrious team. The stage is set, the players are primed, and the quest for glory awaits. Let the games begin. where is dns

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