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Selasa, 27 Februari 2024

11 Fascinating English-Indonesian Translation Apps Beyond Google

In today's globalized world, language translation applications have become indispensable tools, especially for travelers venturing into foreign lands. While Google Translate stands as the default choice for many, there exists a plethora of other translation applications, some of which are touted to be even more efficient and accurate than Google's offering. Intriguing, isn't it?

Ini 11 Aplikasi purwana.net Translate Bahasa Inggris-Indonesia Selain Google

Curious to know what these alternatives are? Let's delve into the realm of English-Indonesian translation apps beyond the confines of Google Translate.

List of English-Indonesian Translation Apps:

Beyond Google Translate, a variety of translation apps cater to the needs of users. These apps not only facilitate English to Indonesian translations but also encompass a multitude of other languages.

Here's a compilation of translation apps apart from Google Translate:

DeepL Translator:

Leading the pack is DeepL Translator, renowned for its ability to seamlessly translate web pages into document formats such as .docx, .ppt, and .pdf automatically. Despite supporting only 32 languages, DeepL Translator offers two translation options: text and file translation, ensuring utmost accuracy.

U Dictionary:

U Dictionary emerges as a versatile translation app, available both online and offline, offering translation services for approximately 58 languages worldwide. Its features include Phonetic Symbols, Grammar Check, Conversation Translation, among others.

Microsoft Translator:

Claimed to be one of the most accurate Indonesian to English translation apps beside Google Translate, Microsoft Translator boasts a repertoire of over 50 languages. Users can translate through text, voice, screen captures, and even text on images.

Translate by Apple:

Tech giant Apple presents its translation solution, Translate, offering translations for 20 languages, including English and Indonesian. However, this app is exclusive to Apple devices supporting iOS 17 or above.


With a database of over 100 languages, iTranslate stands out as one of the most accurate translators from Indonesian to English, featuring over 250 phrases. Developed by Sonico Mobile, this app is available for free on both Play Store and App Store. explore your minecraft map with potions minecraft chart.

Speak and Translate:

This app enables users to translate various languages through text, audio, and images, making it exceptionally versatile.


For professional-grade translations, Memsource offers a myriad of features, albeit at a cost of approximately Rp 300,000. Available in web-based and cloud-based versions, Memsource ensures top-notch translation quality.

Reverso Translate and Learn:

This app not only translates multiple languages but also provides synonyms and suggestions to enrich vocabulary. Moreover, it functions offline, making it ideal for language learners.


A locally developed app, Sederet excels in translating English to Indonesian. However, its scope is limited to these two languages exclusively.

Bing Translator:

Equipped with an automatic detection feature, Bing Translator can translate up to 5,000 characters and supports over 60 languages, available for offline use as well.


Last but not least, Translate.com offers proficient English to Indonesian translations and vice versa, utilizing text, voice, or image inputs.

With these 11 alternatives to Google Translate, navigating linguistic barriers becomes more accessible. Here's to seamless communication across borders!

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