The Unfair Deactivation of Our Account Resulting in a $20,000,000 Potential Loss - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Jumat, 17 November 2023

The Unfair Deactivation of Our Account Resulting in a $20,000,000 Potential Loss

The world of freelancing has undoubtedly become a cornerstone for global work collaboration, with platforms like playing a pivotal role in connecting businesses with talented freelancers. However, recent events have shed light on the darker side of freelancing platforms, particularly when it comes to the abrupt deactivation of user accounts without transparent communication. In this review, we delve into the unfortunate experience of losing a staggering $20,000,000 due to the unexplained deactivation of our account.

Protect Your Freelance Business Purwana, a widely recognized freelancing platform, has been a go-to hub for businesses and freelancers seeking mutually beneficial collaborations. The platform's global reach and diverse pool of talent make it an attractive space for both employers and freelancers. However, the sudden deactivation of our account has cast a shadow over the platform's reputation, raising concerns about fairness, transparency, and the potential economic consequences for users.

Unfair Deactivation:

The crux of the issue lies in the seemingly arbitrary deactivation of our account. What compounds the frustration is the lack of a formal and transparent explanation for this drastic measure. A sudden loss of access to the platform without a clear understanding of the violations or issues leading to the deactivation is not only confounding but also raises questions about the platform's commitment to fair practices.

The absence of a proper notification or an opportunity for appeal further exacerbates the situation. Users, especially those who have invested time, effort, and resources into building their profiles and portfolios on the platform, deserve a fair and comprehensive explanation for any account deactivation. Such incidents not only erode trust but also have tangible financial repercussions.

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Financial Consequences:

The staggering financial potential earning of $20,000,000 is not just a number, it represents a substantial blow to the potential earnings and livelihoods of those affected. Freelancers, often relying on platforms like for a significant portion of their income, are left in a precarious situation when such sudden deactivations occur.

In this particular case, the loss is particularly impactful because of the proactive efforts made to attract potential freelancers from various parts of the world to join the platform honestly. The financial investment and dedication put into expanding the freelancer network on the platform, with the aim of creating a vibrant and diverse community, have been abruptly negated by the account deactivation.

Platform Responsibility:, like any reputable freelancing platform, bears a significant responsibility to ensure fair treatment of its users. Transparency in communication, especially when deactivating accounts, is crucial for maintaining trust within the user community. While the platform has the right to enforce policies and guidelines, the manner in which it is executed is equally important.

The deactivation of an account should be preceded by clear communication outlining the reasons for such action. Users have the right to know where they may have fallen short and should be given an opportunity to rectify any violations before facing severe consequences. This not only aligns with principles of fairness but also safeguards the reputation of the platform.

User Advocacy and Feedback:

In light of this incident, it is essential for users to advocate for their rights and demand clearer communication and due process in account-related matters. User feedback and experiences play a pivotal role in shaping the policies and practices of freelancing platforms. Platforms that prioritize user satisfaction, fairness, and transparency are more likely to thrive in the competitive landscape.

Users affected by arbitrary account deactivations should actively share their experiences, both on the platform and through external channels. Social media and review platforms can be effective avenues for expressing concerns and garnering support from the broader freelancing community.

The deactivation of a account without fair and transparent communication has resulted in a significant financial loss of $20,000,000 to our affected account. This incident raises important questions about the platform's commitment to fairness, user communication, and the economic impact on freelancers. Freelancing platforms must recognize the responsibility they hold in maintaining trust, fostering transparent communication, and ensuring fair treatment of their user base. As users, it is crucial to advocate for clear policies, due process, and a commitment to user satisfaction to create a freelancing ecosystem that truly benefits all parties involved.

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