Online Dedicated Freelancer Jobs - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Kamis, 09 November 2023

Online Dedicated Freelancer Jobs

Online Dedicated Freelancer Jobs with Angga Purwana, Type: Remote / Freelance

Freelancer Jobs Purwana


• Male/Female

• Minimum age 15 years old

• Minimum education Junior High School equivalent

• Willing to not marry / not in a marital status

• Capable of performing one or several of the following tasks:

• Social Media Admin

• Content Planner

• Video Editing

• Illustrator

• Graphic Design

• Copywriting

• Marcomm

• Marketplace admin

• Owns personal hardware and software equipment connected to the internet.

• Does not already have a freelancer account

• Prospective freelancers must register through

• Able to work independently without direction, highly dedicated, work under pressure, enjoy challenges, set their own income targets, strategize, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and work hard.

The internet age has brought about a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate, transcending geographical boundaries and opening up opportunities for a new kind of workforce: online dedicated freelancers. These professionals, like Angga Purwana, have embraced the digital realm as their workspace, leveraging their skills and dedication to excel in various roles within the dynamic online landscape. The role of an Online Dedicated Freelancer encompasses a diverse set of responsibilities, requiring adaptability, creativity, and a strong work ethic.

This opportunity is open to individuals of all genders, with a minimum age requirement of 15 years and a basic education level of at least Junior High School or equivalent. Candidates must be willing to dedicate themselves to their craft, refraining from entering into marital commitments to ensure undivided attention to their professional responsibilities. Moreover, applicants must possess proficiency in at least one or more of the following job roles, including but not limited to Social Media Administration, Content Planning, Video Editing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Marcomm, and Marketplace Administration.

Additionally, applicants are expected to have access to their own hardware and software, ensuring a seamless connection to the digital environment. Candidates should not already have an existing freelancer account, demonstrating the platform's commitment to fostering new talent. Prospective freelancers are required to complete the registration process via the specified link , showcasing their dedication to joining this vibrant community of online professionals.

The role of an Online Dedicated Freelancer demands a high level of autonomy and self-motivation. Successful candidates must exhibit unwavering dedication to their tasks, thriving under pressure and reveling in challenging projects that push their creative boundaries. Furthermore, freelancers are encouraged to set personal income targets, strategically planning their workflow and demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit. A relentless work ethic is fundamental to thriving in this role, as freelancers navigate the intricacies of the digital sphere, seeking to leave a lasting impact with their creative contributions.

This dynamic job profile caters to individuals eager to carve their niche in the virtual realm, leveraging their unique skill set to make a mark in the global marketplace. With the proliferation of online businesses and the ever-expanding digital landscape, the role of an Online Dedicated Freelancer offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and professional development. Through dedication and perseverance, individuals can establish themselves as valuable assets within the digital workforce, contributing to the evolution of various online platforms and leaving an indelible imprint on the digital world.

The position of an Online Dedicated Freelancer is a gateway to a vibrant and dynamic online community, providing individuals with the platform to showcase their skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. By adhering to the specified qualifications and demonstrating a strong commitment to their craft, prospective candidates can embark on a fulfilling journey, redefining the boundaries of traditional employment and embracing the boundless possibilities offered by the digital age.

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