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Sabtu, 01 Juli 2023

The Role of a UX/UI Web Designer (Remote) at Hey Jack

Where user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design play pivotal roles in determining the success of online platforms, the role of a UX/UI web designer has become increasingly significant. At Hey Jack, an innovative wedding experience provider based in Australia, this role is not just about designing; it's about revolutionizing the way weddings are experienced digitally. This comprehensive explanation delves into the specifics of the UX/UI Web Designer position at Hey Jack, exploring the company's background, the detailed job role, the ideal candidate profile, and the unique opportunities this position offers.

The Role of a UX/UI Web Designer (Remote) at Hey Jack -

About Hey Jack

Hey Jack is a dynamic collective that infuses creativity with celebration. Established in Australia, the company has grown to include over 100 musicians, videographers, and photographers, all dedicated to delivering unique wedding experiences. Recognized for their innovative approach, Hey Jack has solidified its position as a leading wedding supplier. The company's mission is to continually push the boundaries of wedding experiences, combining traditional elements with modern creativity to craft unforgettable moments for couples.

Hey Jack's Vision and Culture

Hey Jack’s vision is to redefine the wedding industry by blending artistic excellence with personalized service. The company values creativity, innovation, and a client-centric approach. With a team spread across various locations, Hey Jack embraces a remote work culture that fosters flexibility and collaboration. This culture not only attracts top talent but also ensures that team members can contribute from any part of the world, aligning with the Melbourne team's schedule to maintain coherence and productivity.

The Role

Comprehensive Website Overhaul

The UX/UI Web Designer at Hey Jack will spearhead a complete website overhaul. This involves reskinning and redesigning the entire website to ensure it aligns with modern design standards and offers a user-friendly experience. The goal is to create an online presence that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and engaging for users.

Innovative Back-End Design

In addition to the website overhaul, the designer will be responsible for creating a cutting-edge back-end CRM and wedding portal. This system is intended to streamline Hey Jack's operations, enhancing both client and contractor experiences. The CRM and portal should be designed to facilitate easy navigation, efficient data management, and seamless communication between the company and its clients and contractors.

Who You Are

Experienced and Skilled

The ideal candidate for this role should have at least five years of experience in UI/UX design, with a portfolio that showcases contemporary designs and capabilities in back-end dashboard aesthetics. This experience should reflect a deep understanding of modern design principles, user behavior, and the ability to create visually compelling and functional designs.

Creative and Innovative

Creativity is at the heart of Hey Jack's operations. The designer should be able to think outside the box and bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table. This involves staying updated with the latest design trends and technologies and applying them to create unique and impactful user experiences.

Detail-Oriented and Analytical

Attention to detail is crucial in UX/UI design. The candidate should possess strong analytical skills to understand user needs and behaviors, translating them into detailed design specifications. This includes creating wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs that accurately represent the final product.

Collaborative and Communicative

Working remotely requires excellent communication and collaboration skills. The designer must be able to effectively communicate ideas and feedback within the team and with other stakeholders. Proficiency in English is essential for clear and efficient communication.

Why Join Hey Jack?

Work Anywhere

Hey Jack’s remote work model offers the flexibility to contribute from any location. This allows for a work-life balance that is essential for creativity and productivity. Team members can work in environments where they feel most comfortable and inspired.

Cutting-Edge Design

Working at Hey Jack provides the opportunity to work with beautiful images, fonts, and design aesthetics. The designer will be involved in creating cutting-edge designs that set new standards in the wedding industry.

Impactful Work

The designer’s efforts will directly influence the evolution of the wedding experience industry. By enhancing the digital presence and operational systems of Hey Jack, the designer will play a key role in shaping how weddings are planned and experienced in the digital age.

Additional Requirements

Communication Skills

Fluent English is crucial for teamwork and project management. The role involves regular communication with team members and stakeholders, making proficiency in English essential.


Applications must include a portfolio showcasing contemporary UI/UX design, with a focus on website and back-end system design. Figma project designs for both front-end and back-end design are required, demonstrating the candidate’s ability to create comprehensive and functional designs.

Application Process

To apply for this role, candidates should email their application to The application should include:

A portfolio highlighting Figma project designs for both front-end and back-end design for website applications.

Evidence of English fluency, as this is essential for the role. The first stage of the interview process involves answering three video interview questions.

The UX/UI Web Designer role at Hey Jack is a unique opportunity for a talented and experienced designer to make a significant impact in the wedding industry. By leading the redesign of the company's website and creating an innovative back-end CRM and wedding portal, the designer will play a pivotal role in enhancing the digital experience for Hey Jack's clients and contractors. With the flexibility to work remotely and the chance to work on cutting-edge designs, this role offers both professional growth and creative satisfaction. If you have a passion for design and a desire to revolutionize the wedding industry, Hey Jack welcomes you to join their innovative team.

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