Elgato Unveils Latest Series of Professional-Grade Streaming and Recording Hardware - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Sabtu, 27 Mei 2023

Elgato Unveils Latest Series of Professional-Grade Streaming and Recording Hardware

Elgato, an industry leader in streaming and recording hardware, recently announced the latest additions to their product range. This new range of professional-grade hardware for streaming and recording includes the Stream Deck Mini, a smaller version of Elgato’s Stream Deck; the Wave:3 USB microphone; and the HD60 S+, a USB capture card. Each of these pieces of hardware was designed to bring the power of professional-level streaming and recording to everyone, from mid-level streamers and content creators to higher-end studios.

When you’re looking to record or stream your video content, it’s important to use the highest quality equipment. Higher quality hardware will often lead to a better experience due to improved audio and video quality, but can be expensive and intimidating to setup and use. Elgato’s new range of hardware seeks to bridge the gap between costly professional equipment and more consumer-level options, allowing anyone to create higher quality videos without breaking the bank.

The Stream Deck Mini is a small version of Elgato’s popular Stream Deck. The Stream Deck is a USB peripheral that allows users to access and control custom scenarios or scenes on their computer. By using preloaded graphics or symbols, users can quickly access and control functions in their editing software with the press of a button. The Stream Deck Mini is a more compact version of the Stream Deck that has six buttons rather than the fifteen that are found on the larger version. It is designed to be an easier to use and more portable option for streamers and content creators who need to access features quickly and on the go.

The Wave:3 USB microphone is a professional-grade USB microphone that features an internal pop filter, adjustable gain, and a zero-latency headphone output. The Wave:3 was designed with streamers and content creators in mind, meaning that it offers outstanding sound quality even in less than ideal recording environments, like a room with lots of background noise. It is easy to setup and use, allowing anyone to start recording high-quality audio from the comfort of their own home.

Finally, the HD60 S+, the latest USB capture card from Elgato, is designed to bring the high level of streaming and recording quality found in professional studios to home users. It allows users to capture video in up to 4K at 60 Hz with virtually no latency, meaning that there is no lag between what is happening on the computer screen and when it appears on the stream or recording. This can be incredibly useful for streamers who need to react quickly to things that happen on-screen, as well as for gamers who want to capture high-quality footage of their gameplay.

Elgato’s latest range of hardware brings professional-level streaming and recording to more users than ever before. With the Stream Deck Mini, Wave:3 USB microphone, and the HD60 S+, users can create and share higher quality content from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re a mid-level streamer or a full-time content creator, these new products from Elgato make it easier than ever to create the highest quality videos without breaking the bank.

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