Acronis Announces Expansion of World-Class Software Portfolio to Impact More Businesses - Purwana Tekno, Software Engineer
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Minggu, 28 Mei 2023

Acronis Announces Expansion of World-Class Software Portfolio to Impact More Businesses

Acronis has announced the expansion of their world-class software portfolio to impact more businesses. This expansion provides innovative solutions to customers focused on simplifying, accelerating, and protecting their data, applications, and systems while accelerating digital transformation initiatives. This expansion brings significant improvements to areas like Disaster Recovery, Data Management, and Security.

The expansion introduces a number of capabilities and new products that aim to improve ease of use, scalability, and performance for customers using the Acronis solutions. This includes the Acronis Data Cloud, Backup and Recovery, Data Protection Suite, and Acronis Managed Machine services.

Acronis Data Cloud is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that allows customers to securely store, manage, and recover data. The platform includes various encryption methods, one-click restore, and advanced data quality assurance, providing customers with strong data security and management control. The Backup and Recovery solution is an all-in-one software solution that automates and simplifies data protection and disaster recovery. This solution reduces costs, risk, and complexity by providing customers with unified protection, backup, and disaster recovery.

The Data Protection Suite enables customers to rapidly and securely migrate, manage, and store data, as well as automating data backup, recovery, archiving, and retention. This solution ensures that businesses have fast and reliable access to their data with minimal effort from IT administrators. The Acronis Managed Machine services provide customers with proactive Antivirus, Backup, and Optimization services that provide a complete security solution that is always up to date and monitored 24/7.

This expansion introduces several key features that deliver improved performance and reliability to the Acronis products. This includes a new block-level deduplication option to its backup solutions, that can drastically reduce back up time and storage requirements. This feature is designed to speed up network backups by using delta data blocks to detect duplicate data instead of doing the full analysis of all the files. The improved deduplication significantly speeds up the backup process and also reduces load on the filer.

The expansion also introduces Acronis AI-based Active Protection, a new defense feature to protect customer data, applications, and systems from cyber-attacks. This powerful artificial intelligence-based technology is designed to detect and block malicious activities, malware, and ransomware. The AI is trained to recognize and identify malicious software and quickly respond to potential threats with minimal latency. This advanced technology is designed to reduce the risk of data loss and corruption due to malicious actors.

The expansion aims to make the Acronis solutions even more accessible to customers. The company has implemented tiered pricing options to accommodate different business sizes and budgets. This is complemented by an intuitive dashboard and intuitive user interface, as well as a comprehensive customer support platform to provide quick access to detailed product information and support.

Acronis’ expansion of their world-class software portfolio to impact more businesses is a significant step forward for the company. This will deliver improved performance, more features and capabilities, and increased accessibility. The expanded services will provide customers with more powerful and reliable solutions to securely store and manage their data, applications, and systems, while also helping to keep their data safe from various threats. With this expansion, Acronis is positioned to become an even more valued partner for customers looking to simplify, accelerate, and protect their data and systems.

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