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Minggu, 02 April 2023

How to get a backlink in a DA 80 Purwana.Net report via

In digital marketing, backlinks are essential for increasing a website's authority and search engine ranking. One way to acquire backlinks is through collaborations with other websites or businesses. In this case, we will discuss how to obtain a backlink in the form of a report with a DA (Domain Authority) of 80 for Purwana from Lookerstudio.

Lookerstudio is a website that provides various digital marketing services, including analytics, SEO, and PPC. As a digital marketing agency, they have a high DA score, which means that they have a lot of authority in the eyes of search engines like Google. A backlink from a high DA website like Lookerstudio can significantly impact the search engine ranking of a website.

To acquire a backlink from Lookerstudio, we will need to create a report for them using their reporting tool, which can be accessed through the URL provided ( The report can be created using data from Purwana's website or any other relevant source. Here are the steps to create a report:

Step 1: Access the Lookerstudio Reporting Tool

To create a report, we need to access the Lookerstudio reporting tool. The URL provided in the prompt will lead us directly to the reporting tool. Once we are on the page, we will need to sign in to our Google account to access the tool.

Step 2: Create a New Report

After signing in, we will be directed to the Lookerstudio dashboard. From there, we can create a new report by clicking the "New Report" button located on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Select a Data Source

In this step, we will need to select a data source for the report. We can choose from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. For this report, we will use data from Purwana's website, so we will select the Google Analytics data source.

Step 4: Customize the Report

Once we have selected the data source, we can start customizing the report to meet our requirements. We can choose which metrics and dimensions we want to include in the report, as well as the date range and other filters. We should ensure that the report is relevant to Lookerstudio and provides valuable insights.

Step 5: Save and Share the Report

After customizing the report, we can save it and share it with Lookerstudio. To do this, we will need to click the "Save" button located on the top right corner of the page. We can then choose to share the report via email or by providing Lookerstudio with a link to the report.

Step 6: Request a Backlink

After sharing the report with Lookerstudio, we can request a backlink in return for providing them with valuable insights. We can reach out to Lookerstudio via email or any other preferred communication channel and request a backlink from them. We should emphasize the value of the report and how it can benefit their business or their clients.

In conclusion, acquiring a backlink from a high DA website like Lookerstudio can significantly improve a website's search engine ranking. By creating a valuable report for Lookerstudio using their reporting tool and requesting a backlink in return, we can establish a mutually beneficial collaboration with them. It is important to remember that the report should be relevant and valuable to the recipient and should provide insights that they can use to improve their business. 

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