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Selasa, 20 September 2022

Free Unlimited Virtual Mobile Phone Number for Your Accounts

Getting a virtual cellphone number is not difficult, because now there are many websites and applications that provide virtual cellphone numbers. Learn more phone number service: 

 After getting an Indonesian virtual cellphone number, you should use it for useful things, don't use it for evil things. Indonesia's virtual cellphone numbers are mostly used for verification of social media accounts and other application accounts. But if you have a real cellphone number, you should just use that number for verification. Currently, there are many websites that can provide a Virtual HP Number, but we recommend you to use the SMS MAN service. With this sms-man service, you no longer have to bother buying a sim card and have to activate it using your NIK and KK. You can use the virtual number from this sms-man without the need to leave home. 

Smspva. A virtual number provider website consisting of several countries. I myself have used the services of this site and it proved very satisfying. To get a verification code to a very fast cellphone number, less than 1 minute the verification code can be received. How to verify an account through Smspva is very easy but paid. When you use it for the first time, you have to fill in a balance of at least $ 1, after that select the type of account you want to create by clicking Get number. Enter the number that appears in the application or your account, then wait for the verification SMS from Smspva. 

Pvacodes. You can choose numbers from various countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. To get a virtual number from Pvacodes you have to make a deposit of 1$ via Paypal account and will get 3 accounts. Besides the relatively cheap price, the service from Pvacodes is also very satisfying. The more you deposit, the more SMS verification codes you will get. 

Receivetxt. Receivetxt is an online site that can receive SMS containing an account verification code. This website provides both free and paid (premium) services. Through this website you can receive SMS via a free phone number that has been registered with FreePhoneNum. You can use the phone number to register or verify an account in any service, such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Line and others. All text messages will be automatically displayed once you receive an sms from the service. 

SMS-Receive. SMS-Receive is a website that provides virtual numbers and phone numbers stored on the SIM card. This website also provides a free service to get SMS verification codes from various forums or social websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Amazon, CloudSigma, VK, RealStatus and many others. You need to know that all messages that you receive through this website can be seen by everyone and cannot be deleted. 

Getsmscode. Through Getsmscode you can receive number verification from various countries such as America, England, China, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. However, for Indonesia, the tariff is slightly more expensive, around $0.30 – 0.50 per SMS. Although it is a bit expensive, the service provided is quite good and fast. In fact, this website often provides big discounts at lower prices. That was the explanation of some of the websites that provide Indonesian virtual cellphone numbers. With the virtual number you get from one of the websites above, you can use it to verify social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, Whatsapp, Wechat and many others. With a virtual number, you no longer need to buy a new starter and then register a card using your KK and KTP.

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